Chris Kouwenhoven

The hooded litter box

Many products sold in stores for cats are not suitable for cats because they do not satisfy the cat's natural instincts. Hooded litter boxes are a perfect example. While some cats will use them, they defy the natural instinct of the cat to find a place to eliminate which has escape potential. If the cat is the slightest bit uneasy about its territory or about the people or animals that share its home, it will be reluctant to enter a box in which there is only one way out and in which it could be easily trapped. Hooded litter boxes also have an "outhouse effect". The odor is concentrated inside. This may not be noticeable or offensive to the owner, but the cat has to step inside. The cat's sensitive nose may reject the litterbox in favor of the much fresher-smelling corner of the dining room. If you don't want to spend your days cleaning carpeting, get rid of the hoods!

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