Chris Kouwenhoven

Talk to your cat

It has been noted by many pet owners that the longer their pets live with them, the better their animal companions seem to understand them. Not only are felines experts at reading human body language, but over the years they can develop vocabularies. Owners that regularly talk to their cats are not only building Kitty's interpretive skills, but are developing a relationship that is interactive and mutually rewarding.

Friendly cats can become aloof if they are continually treated like pieces of furniture. What makes indoor life bearable for these intelligent and sensitive little creatures is the stimulation we provide for them. When Kitty enters the room, acknowledge her. (Have you ever noticed how friendly felines always greet each other?) While cat-to-cat language is largely visual (body language) and tactile (nose touching), our verbal communications in many ways replace the feline versions of interaction. We can actually "stroke" our cats with our words.

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