Chris Kouwenhoven

What to look for in a pet-sitter

If you are planning a trip and can't take your furry family with you, consider hiring a professional pet-sitter to care for your loved ones in your home. Cats feel more secure in their own home environment and with the proper care and attention will be less stressed by your absence if left at home. The following list provided by the National Association of Pet-Sitters will help you select a suitable sitter.

1. Is the pet-sitter bonded? Does the pet-sitter have commercial liability insurance?

2. Is the pet-sitter willing to provide references?

3. Does the pet-sitter furnish written literature describing services and stating fees?

4. Does the pet-sitter visit the home beforehand to meet with the client and pet, and to obtain detailed information?

5. Is the attitude and approach exhibited by the pet-sitter during the initial meeting with your pet positive? Does the pet-sitter seem comfortable and confident?

6. Does the pet-sitter have a service contract that spells out the services he or she will provide and the fees charged for these services?

7. Is the pet-sitter courteous, interested and well-informed?

8. Does the pet-sitter have regular office hours? Does he or she return customer inquiries promptly?

9. Does the pet-sitter have a veterinarian on call for emergency services?

10. Has the pet-sitter been trained by his or her company?

11. How does the pet-sitting service recruit and screen applicants? What are the prerequisites for employment by the service?

12. Does the pet-sitting service have an established system for handling customer complaints?

13. Does the pet-sitter or pet-sitting service telephone to determine if the client has returned home as scheduled, or is the client required to notify the company or pet-sitter of his or her arrival home?

14. Does the pet-sitter or company provide a rating form for customer feedback and evaluation of pet-sitting services?

Is the pet-sitter or pet-sitting service a member of the National Association of Pet-Sitters?

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