Chris Kouwenhoven

What kitty doesn't want you to know

Direct correction or punishment of felines only results in owner-absent behavior, so put away the squirt gun. It's time to come up with more creative solutions; strategies that will work when you are asleep or at work as well as when you are monitoring Kitty's activities. Let the environment, not you, convince Kitty of what he does and doesn't want to do. Booby traps, also known as remote corrections, are the secret to keeping Kitty from forbidden areas when you are at home or away. They allow you to be the "good guy" which is very important for Kitty's mental health. Some of these kitty repellents are: solid air fresheners, especially citrus-scented ones, vinyl carpet runners turned upside down (ouch!), eucalyptus oil on rags, a mini-motion detector from Radio Shack (it's battery-operated with an alarm chime and costs about $25), and double-sided carpet tape or Contact Paper (to divert scratching activities). Important: For every activity that is thwarted by these deterrents, there should be many more acceptable places for Kitty to jump on or to scratch.

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