Chris Kouwenhoven

In life i'll stay

I've loved you since the day you found me
Cleaned me up and held me tight
Gave me food and drink and warmth
And clearly made me see the light.
The humans that I chose before you
Didn't love me this I know
And how I came to be this mess
Is a horror that I'll show.
They me found much the same as you did
But I was young and couldn't see
That man could be so cruel and mean
To one that loved as much as me.
I gladly loved them and I trusted
Never knowing this would come
The ride I took may be my last
And never knowing what I'd done.
The box was warm and blanket soft
I felt safe and never saw
That they'd throw me from the window
Ruptured spleen and shattered paw.
The horror that they served to me
I have not let destroy my mind
They broke my trust and slightly more
I know I have a lucky find.
You picked me up from where I landed
And softly cooed away my fears
I'll love you now forever more
You showed your love with cleansing tears.
I'll live for you and no one else
For the bridge got closer, clearer
And then you came and picked me up
And cried your tears and drew me nearer.
Your tears outpouring told the tale
And sobs and trembles gave away
The fact you are someone special
And for this fact in life I'll stay.

By: Mark A. Dye

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