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Vaccination and Worming Schedule

Sources: Preventative health care schedule for cattery cats and pet catsPreventative Health Care and Infectious Disease Control, pp. 391-404 in Sherding, Robert H. (ed) The Cat: Diseases and Clinical Management, v1. Churchill-Livingstone Inc, NY.

All cats should be vaccinated, even strictly indoor ones. Cats may escape. Some diseases use mice, fleas, or other insects as vectors and do not require the presence of other cats. Natural disasters: consider earthquakes, hurricanes, etc., may let your cat out of the house.

3 weeksfecal exam
6 weeksfecal exam
9-10 weeksFHV/FCV/FPV vaccine
ELISA test for FeLV
FeLV vaccine
fecal exam
12-14 weeksFHV/FCV/FPV vaccine
FeLV vaccination
Rabies vaccine
fecal exam
6 monthsFeLV vaccination
fecal exam
12 monthsfecal exam
16 monthsFHV/FCV/FPV vaccine (repeated annually)
FeLV vaccine (repeated annually)
Rabies vaccine (repeated according to manufacturer's instructions)
fecal exam (every 6 months)

FCV= feline calicivirus
FHV= feline herpes virus (formerly called feline rhinotracheitis virus)
FPV= feline panleukopenia virus = distemper
FeLV = feline leukemia virus

FIP is a yearly vaccination, but its effectiveness and safety are questioned. Talk with your vet.

The FHV/FCV/FPV kitten shot also commonly includes a vaccine against Chlamydia, which is another respiratory disease.

A vaccine for ringworm has just come on the market in the US. It is said to be good for both treatment and prevention. It may or may not be available in your area, and it is very new, so there is not much data on its effectiveness. You may want to ask your vet about it if ringworm is a problem in your area.

What Your Vet Should Check

On a standard annual physical/examination, your vet should check:

* teeth for tartar/gum swelling
* ears for ear mites and other fungus problems
* body for ringworm (with black light)
* standard bloodwork
* fecal exam for worms
* booster shots for rabies, FeLV, panleukopenia, rhino&co, etc.
* eyes for normal pupil response and normal retinal appearance
* weight, heart rate, temperature

(more on cat health/medical information in Medical Information; also Internet Vet Column)

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