Chris Kouwenhoven

Caring for your elderly cat

Aging cats have some special needs. They sleep more and like to rest undisturbed in warm and peaceful spots away from the general noise of the household. As kitty's joints may be less agile than when he was younger, it is important to provide easy access to beds, litterboxes, food and water. If some of these necessities are above floor level, make it easier for Kitty by setting up stages for the jump (i.e., via the arm of a chair or a low table or stool).

When awake, your elderly cat may be more attention-needy. He may be more vocal and call out to you to initiate contact, especially at night when he may be feeling alone and vulnerable. Gentle petting or grooming is comforting and relaxing and, if possible, let the old boy or girl sleep on or near your bed in order to feel more secure.

Our feline companions bring joy and laughter to our lives every day. Let us make every effort to make their Golden Years happy and safe.

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