Chris Kouwenhoven

Kitty olympics

More ideas to make your cat's life (and consequently, your life) more fun:

* Get a feline companion for your cat -- one with a compatible personality and a similar activity level.

* Schedule at least one 15-minute interactive play session with your cat and a fishing pole-type toy each day.

* Install a window perch with a view of the birdfeeder.

* Drop a couple of Ping-Pong balls in the bathtub (feline racquetball).

* Slide milk bottle rings or ice cubes across the kitchen floor (feline ice hockey).

* Stuff cotton socks of varying sizes with cotton balls and catnip.

* Set out something new to explore from time to time like a cardboard box or a paper grocery bag (without handles).

* Flash a beam of light on the walls and floor of a dimly lit room - use a flashlight or a laser pointer (DO NOT point laser beam into the eyes).

* Provide your feline with some cat furniture -- something great to climb, perch on, and to scratch.

* Get a video made for cats or a wildlife show featuring birds.

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